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# Some Light Control
Control esp based led strips.
The protocol being used can be found here: [](
## Usage
slc --help
will open the help page.
slc esp0:1234 -n42 -r255 -g255 -b255 -w100
will set 42 pixels of esp0 to red=255, green=255, blue=255 and white=100.
## Dependencies
At the time of writing I was using:
* rustc 1.24.0 (4d90ac38c 2018-02-12)
* cargo 0.25.0 (8c93e0895 2018-02-01)
## Installation
0. Clone this repo
1. Install the rust programming language (including cargo) according to your distro.
I reccommend visiting this website: [](
2. Run ```cargo install``` inside the cloned directory
3. Done!
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