Commit dbbfb98a authored by Mark Hills's avatar Mark Hills
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Some systems do not have ffmpeg, but have a fork

Thanks to Alessio Treglia <> for providing the basis
of this patch.

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Requested-by: default avatarDaniel James <>
parent 69136d83
......@@ -27,7 +27,15 @@ case "$FILE" in
echo "Calling fallback decoder..." >&2
exec ffmpeg -v 0 -i "$FILE" -f s16le -ar "$RATE" -
FFMPEG=$(which ffmpeg 2> /dev/null || which avconv 2> /dev/null)
if [ -z "$FFMPEG" ]; then
echo "$0: no ffmpeg or avconv available to decode file" >&2
exit 1
exec "$FFMPEG" -v 0 -i "$FILE" -f s16le -ar "$RATE" -
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