Commit ea4d4360 authored by Kiste's avatar Kiste
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Catch error

parent c47a8c8a
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ published by Sam Hocevar. See for more details.
import json
import urllib.error
import urllib.parse
import urllib.request
......@@ -89,7 +90,11 @@ def do_feed(url, rules_path, verbose):
url = "{0.scheme}://{0.netloc}/".format(urllib.parse.urlsplit(link))
if verbose:
print('>Rule match!')
soup = BeautifulSoup(urllib.request.urlopen(link), 'lxml')
soup = BeautifulSoup(urllib.request.urlopen(link), 'lxml')
except urllib.error.HTTPError:
fe.content('Error fetching content!')
comments = None
if 'comments' in url_rules:
comments =['comments'])
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