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Add an info how to build remotely.
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......@@ -62,6 +62,13 @@ This will generate and run a deployment script, which does the following:
- You can read more about the possible modes and parameters in the [nixos-rebuild manual page](
- Copy secrets from the local password store to `/var/src/secrets/` on the target
**But building takes sooo long >:(**
You can offload the build to a remote host, for example krul:
$ nix build --builders 'ssh://' -f . deploy.HOSTNAME
> If you need to set extra ssh parameters (eg. path to ssh-keyfile) you can specifiy them by exporting the `NIX_SSHOPTS` environment-variable with the needed ssh parameters.
> This is useful (and necessary) when you don’t have your ssh-key on a YubiKey.
> Example: `export NIX_SSHOPTS="-i ~/.ssh/id_rsa4096"`
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