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Update nixpkgs

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......@@ -17,10 +17,10 @@
"homepage": "",
"owner": "NixOS",
"repo": "nixpkgs",
"rev": "8d73a6659936abbca3c786d2e60f4cde2bd1cf5a",
"sha256": "1m56h8n46yvj4akjcnrcvyzq30pvvdi84766bch459lh2zglgpry",
"rev": "0cbeeeec5359aa55a1c3561ccf04997e91bc8419",
"sha256": "0pa8palwmzwaih9jj6a3lqy9m0l5b75liwc6p1ng8rl4dn439h8q",
"type": "tarball",
"url": "",
"url": "",
"url_template": "<owner>/<repo>/archive/<rev>.tar.gz"
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