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Request new maintainers
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......@@ -18,10 +18,30 @@ Mopidy-YouTube
:alt: Test coverage
Mopidy extension that plays sound from YouTube.
Maintainer wanted
Mopidy-YouTube is currently kept on life support by the Mopidy core
developers. It is in need of a more dedicated maintainer.
If you want to be the maintainer of Mopidy-YouTube, please:
1. Make 2-3 good pull requests improving any part of the project.
2. Read and get familiar with all of the project's open issues.
3. Send a pull request removing this section and adding yourself as the
"Current maintainer" in the "Credits" section below. In the pull request
description, please refer to the previous pull requests and state that
you've familiarized yourself with the open issues.
As a maintainer, you'll be given push access to the repo and the authority to
make releases to PyPI when you see fit.
......@@ -74,6 +94,14 @@ Project resources
- `Issue tracker <>`_
- Original author: `Janez Troha <>`_
- Current maintainer: None. Maintainer wanted, see section above.
- `Contributors <>`_
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