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This repositery contains a modified version of `MPQUIC` adding the Forward Erasure Correction (FEC) extension.
To compile this correctly, you will need to checkout the dependencies to an older version, as they made backward-incompatible changes. To do so, you can use the following commands :
go get -d ./...
pushd ~/go/src/ && git checkout 64af8ab && popd
pushd ~/go/src/ && git checkout ad19ca1 && popd
You can compile an example HTTP 2.0 over QUIC client and servers by compiling `example/test_http/main.go` like the following :
go build -o quic-fec example/test_http/main.go
# A QUIC implementation in pure Go
<img src="docs/quic.png" width=303 height=124>
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