Commit b0e04003 authored by aal's avatar aal
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fix: go into subfolders

parent 85e96977
"File was not found in the operating system's file system!"
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -195,7 +195,8 @@ def traverseFileTree(root, path, ignore, database, session, coursename):
shutil.copyfileobj(download.raw, downloadfile)
### Look for subfolders
if 'subfolders' in root and root['subfolders']:
for subfolder in root['subfolders']:
for json_subfolder in root['subfolders']:
subfolder = session.get(BASEURL + '/folder/' + json_subfolder['id'], params='limit=1000').json()
#TODO: implement making subfolders, for people that really like clicking a lot?????
#subpath = path + '/' + coursename.replace('/', '_')
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