Commit 9444a533 authored by Sven Greiner's avatar Sven Greiner

Revert change to delay_s() and make it busy wait again

There's no power saving (sleep) yet, but the more complex code is not as
accurate and needs 10 bytes more than the simple busy wait.
parent ab57de77
......@@ -143,17 +143,9 @@ void delay_10ms(uint8_t duration) {
* Delay one second. Saves some space because call does not require setup of
* arguments.
* Because we do not know when exactly we have entered this function in
* relation to the ticks counter the actually delay might range from 750 to
* 1000 ms.
void delay_s(void) {
const uint8_t time = ticks + 4; // now + 1s
while (time - ticks) {
// TODO Sleep to save power
__asm__ ("nop");
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