Commit 8dbe1b93 authored by Sven Greiner's avatar Sven Greiner
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Different blink timing in LVP

parent e6cb5292
......@@ -532,10 +532,12 @@ int main(void) {
// Do not go to sleep, but flash every few seconds to notify the user
// that the flashlight is still turned on but the battery is dying.
// TODO If free space in flash, disable as many components as possible
blink(3, FLASH_TIME/2);
blink(5, FLASH_TIME/4);
for (uint8_t i=5; i; --i) {
asm volatile (""); // Trick GCC to prevent loop unrolling
asm volatile ("");
} else if (voltage <= BAT_LOW) {
// Flicker with same brightness as current mode
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